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Student Research Guide: Winter 2022 - Music Therapy: Home

By Ryan Morrill

Introduction to the Topic

Within our world that we live in, about 90 percent of people listen to music throughout all parts of life. People experience many different waves of emotions that can affect the body mentally and physically.  Whether these emotions are prevalent or not, they are always there. One thing that is always there as well is music. With that 90 percent of the world listening to music, maybe something as small as listening to a couple songs a day could give relief to these negative emotions that people feel and turn those moments of fragility into something easier to deal with (Baines & Danko 2010). There have been more and more studies done on music and how it can affect the body and those studies have culminated in something called Music Therapy. Music Therapy is a practice that uses music to combat these negative emotions and helps with reducing stress, improving mood and self-expression (Lehmann & Seufert 2017). With music therapy being on the rise in alternative research, this is how the impacts from music are so positive for mental and physical health. 


Here is a video that describes and gives an over view of what msuic therapy is in a very understanding way.

Keywords for searching the topic

 A list of keywords and phrases that are recommended


  • Music
  • Brain
  • Mental Health
  • Physical Health
  • Music therapy
  • Muscis affect on health
  • Music and health

Best Databases/Search Engines

A list of the best databases or search engines.

Start Your Research Here

Use this box to find some very good reference resources that were found and are most helpful most helpful in the definition of Music and physical and mental health


  • Martin, B. H. (2018). Brain research shows the arts promote mental health. In The Conversation (Ed.), The conversation. The    Conversation. Credo Reference: Link shown here 

This source provided so much good information as an overview on music and mental and physical health, it also draws ties between music and eduction and wellbeing of the mind

This sources focus is away from music therapy and mental health specifically. Instead it focuses on general stress the average person experiences. But relates to this topic because it can help explain the brain and how effects caused by music ease stress.


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