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Student Research Guide: Online Education's Impact on Students Mental Health: Advice to My Fellow-Students

by Sophia MacKenzie

Research Advice

In my research, I was pleasantly surprised by how much information could be found.  I used a recent topic, but it is still going on now, so I think the fact that it is so current, it was easy to research.

I did use Onesearch quite a bit. It brought up a lot of information. Credo and Academic Search Complete were very useful.  Google scholar brought up a lot of other information as well.  I think if you were researching this topic.  The list will unfortunately continue to grow.  Mental health should be of utmost importance during this Pandemic.

I definitely had a preconceived idea about this topic which is why I picked it.  I struggled a lot with the isolation of the lockdown.  'I lost touch with friends and it was very hard to stay motivated.  I can definitely find a lot of sources that support my same issues.  But was surprised that some subsets had positive impacts.  

Be sure to use all the options provided by the database and sources to keep track of the information you find.  You can add the documents directly into google docs, download, or share.  Look for the resources on each site and page.

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