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Student Research Guide: Online Education's Impact on Students Mental Health: Top 10 Resources

by Sophia MacKenzie

Top 10 Resources

Elmer, Timon, et al. “Students under Lockdown: Comparisons of Students' Social Networks and Mental Health before and during the COVID-19 Crisis in Switzerland.” PLOS ONE, Public Library of Science,

This study goes into detail about students' “social network” during and before the pandemic in Switzerland. The study analyzed data from friendships and interactions and also goes into detail about their mental health stressors. The article mentioned that women had the potential to become depressed at a higher rate than men.  They also found that most people with mental health issues changed from social worries to fear about covid.   

Ezra Golberstein, PhD. “Covid-19 and Mental Health for Children and Adolescents.” JAMA Pediatrics, JAMA Network, 1 Sept. 2020, 

This article on JAMA Pediatrics talked about how states and local hospitals were working to take steps in the beginning of Covid to promote better ways to see patients.  How to help children and still keep them safe from risks of going to doctors.  This was a good general overview document to add other information and viewpoints.

Fegert, Jörg M., et al. “Challenges and Burden of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic for Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A Narrative Review to Highlight Clinical and Research Needs in the Acute Phase and the Long Return to Normality.” Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health, BioMed Central, 12 May 2020,

This study from BioMed Central went into great detail about the issues surrounding the pandemic and how it affects children and the community.  It detailed the phases of the pandemic and how people were involved with lockdown and social distancing and hygiene measures that went into effect.  The study went into detail about domestic violence and how children were mistreated. This was a great source as it spoke to many pandemic issues that affected people.

Fuller M.D., Kristing. “Covid Lockdowns and Mental Health Breakdowns.” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers,

This article on Psychology today spoke to some different issues surrounding the financial issues faced during the pandemic.  It was a good overview of how people felt and spoke of isolation and the lack of things to do during the lockdown.  This is a basic overview and was a good jumping-off point for my topic.

George, Donna St., and Valerie Strauss. “Partly Hidden by Isolation, Many of the Nation's Schoolchildren Struggle with Mental Health.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 22 Jan. 2021,

This article from the Washington Post describes how the increase in visits to the emergency room from mental health problems greatly increased during the pandemic.  It found students who had no mental health issues now had serious problems.  The students spoke about increased anxiety and isolation as issues the children struggled with.   I used this source because it fit well with my topic and was a real-world account from kids in schools in the United States.

“Is Technology Dangerous to Our Mental Health?, in TOM: Teaching Online Master Class.” Makematic, 2020. ProQuest, 1 Jan. 2020. Academic Video Online,

This video goes into a quick overview of how increased screen time does bother kids' mental health.  This has a good opposite view of what my initial thoughts are for this website.  It also talks about how to add mental health interaction with teachers and students.

Lessard, Leah M. “Pandemic Has Teens Feeling Worried, Unmotivated and Disconnected from School.” The Conversation, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity, 14 Oct. 2021,

This article found from Credo talks about how high school students were worried about Covid and their educational concerns.  They worried about how high school would be impacted.  They also talked about the lack of support from their teachers.  They didn’t communicate with them as they did before.  This article also saw an increase in cyberbullying online.  They spoke about the troubles they had online on social media. I picked this source because it fit my topic and talked in general about what my topic was about.  I wouldn’t say it provided a ton of information but did speak to areas that I didn’t find a lot of other information on.

Prothero, Arianna. “The Pandemic Will Affect Students' Mental Health for Years to Come. How Schools Can Help.” Education Week, Education Week, 31 Mar. 2021,

Anna Prothero, an author from Education week goes into detail about how the pandemic will be affecting students for many years to come. This article highlights some of the major points that happened at the start of the election and is predicting what the fallout may be in the future. This article states it is children of all ages struggling at the one-year mark of the pandemic.  How it affects sleep and how much disappointment has come during the year. I picked this source because it was early in my research and it fit the theme.  It doesn’t dive very deep but has a general overview of my topic.

Richards, Erin. Kids' Mental Health Can Struggle during Online School. Here's How Teachers Are Planning Ahead. U TODAY 2 Aug. 2020,

The article from USATODAY gives a brief but informative explanation as to how high school students were faring during covid in regard to their mental health. The article talks about the lack of teacher interaction checking on their mental states.  Spoke about how the world was stressful in regards to health, economics, and current events in regards to racial stresses within the United States.  they went into a little more depth with how some districts were setting up mental health hotlines. Overall this article from the newspaper did a good job hitting a lot of good points and fits well with my topic.

Talevi, Dalila, et al. “Mental Health Outcomes of the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Rivista Di Psichiatria, 1 May 2020,

This study was more of an in-depth study of mental health outcomes during the pandemic.  This didn't only focus on children, it was the general population as wells as students and health care workers.  It found negative effects across the board as well as PTSD. I used this source because it covered a larger population of people and still had negative effects that were studied.

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