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Student Research Guide; Tsunami Early Alert Systems: Advice to My Fellow-Students

by David Hanft

Research Advice

About the broad topic of tsunamis (as well as other natural disasters) there are countless sources to be found on the Internet. Whether scientific articles, images, videos, or even books, anyone can quickly gain a general understanding of tsunamis without putting much effort into research. After acquiring a basic understanding, however, one must decide which area to specialize in. It is not possible to cover the whole topic of tsunamis, with all the subtopics that belong to it. Therefore, I would recommend, to enter the term tsunamis on Wikepedia and then look at the different topics. For example, it is possible to look at the scientific background and analyze (force transmission, wave generation, propagation ...) other topics would be, geology (seismology), social aspects, politics, finance. At the beginning, it can be quite overwhelming to be confronted with so many different areas on the subject of tsunamis, at the same time. I would recommend to go from general to more and more specific and detailed, instead of directly dedicating oneself to a certain area and then later finding out that there is much more to it than one actually thought.

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