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Student Research Guide:Fibromyalgia: Other Sources

by Danya Teichner Stewart

Other Fibromyalgia Sources



Osmosis, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Article Sources

A doctoral thesis that is informative, but not considered a scholarly article.

A good discussion on fibromyalgia, who it affects, stigmas, and treatment options. This is a short article and may be considered a news article. Still, this is a good article and helps to describe the issues surrounding fibromyalgia.


eBook Source

Wilke, W. S. (Eds.). (2012). New insights into fibromyalgia. InTechOpen. InTech.

This is a collection of peer-reviewed scholarly papers, written by several different people, all discussing various aspects of fibromyalgia.  It covers everything from guidelines for fibromyalgia and diagnosing to therapies and treatments. This eBook is from 2012, so some information may be outdated.


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