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Student Research Guide: Deinstitutionalization, Criminalization and homelessness of the mentally ill: Other Sources

by Jose Silverio

Other Sources


Pierson, V. (2019, Mar 13). Hard truths about deinstitutionalization, then and now. Daily News.

  •  This article while in california explains how policy related to deinstitutionalization has exploded to higher rates of homeless mentally ill and Incarceration of the mentally ill. I chose this because it directly relates to what I researched.

Rogers, M. S., McNiel, D.E., & Binder, R.L., (2019). Effectiveness of Police Crisis Intervention Training Programs. Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law Online, 49(1),1-8. DOI: 

  • This source explains gives an overview on the Crises Intervention Team(CIT) which divert and treat the mentally ill better, and shows that it has been positive just that this isn't supported and research is needed, I chose this source as a way to show that there is other ways other than just locking them up in asylums or prisons. I used this in my essay but it might have been used more effectively if on a research topic focused on the training of police related to mental illness or how effectively the CIT and others task forces have been.


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