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Student Research Guide: Structural Unemployment and Basic Income Policies: Advice to My Fellow-Students

by Natalie S.

Research Advice

During my research I encountered many peer-reviewed articles that had strong views on if enacting a UBI was a good idea. These views oftentimes were based on one UBI proposal the author listed or knew about. Understanding what UBI is before you research about what others think about it is very important. What helped me develop understanding about UBI and NIT was reading The architecture of a basic income, which is one of the references in the "Top Resources" tab. I would advise you to read this article before you drive down deep into research.

I also found that when searching for articles, it is easier to keep the keywords simple. This may sound like advice you have heard before, but using general keywords is important when researching about UBI and structural unemployment. It is important because finding credible information about structural unemployment and UBI can be difficult. Using one, and at maximum two keywords, really helped me find many credible articles.

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