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Student Research Guide: Abortion Laws and Regulations: Other Sources

by Gina Reyna

Other Sources

Egner, J. E. (2016). Abortion, laws, in the United States. In C. L. Shehan (Ed.), Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedias in social science: The Wiley Blackwell encyclopedia of family studies. Wiley. Credo Reference:

Annotation: This source goes into detail about the history of abortion. It explains the laws through the years 1960-2015. This is useful for the beginning research stage.

Hinton, J. (2019, May 22). Abortion rights' protesters speak out against restrictive abortion bills. Winston-Salem Journal.

Annotation: This news article speaks on an abortion protest that took place in North Carolina. It goes into depth on what protesters where fighting for. This type of source is important because it shows real life actions that people have taken when mad about their government restricting abortions. More protests have taken place across the U.S about reproductive rights and abortions in the past. This shows that protesting works if your government is willing to listen.


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