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Student Research Guide: Online Education: Other Sources

by Paige Pelletier

Other Sources

Perlin, M. L., & Cucolo, H. E. (2014). Distance learning. In J. S. Albanese, Wiley series of encyclopedias in criminology and criminal justice: The encyclopedia of criminology and criminal justice. Wiley. Credo Reference:
This source lists the goals online education has, as well as the advantages and the disadvantages online schooling has. The article also mentions opportunities of online schooling as a result of the internet. I chose this article to gain ideas on what kinds of advantages online education has, as well as disadvantages. This article was also good with helping me understand the goals of schools when it comes to online education. It’s a little messy regarding organization, but overall it was clear as to what it was about. It also had an unbiased opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of online education.

Reza, F. (2020). COVID-19 and disparities in education: Collective responsibility can address inequities. Knowledge Cultures, 8(3), 68-75.

This source helped me take a good dive into inequity among students, almost heightened by the pandemic. It goes into detail how, especially African American and Hispanic, face inequity and live in unfortunate circumstances that they have no control over, and couldn't/could barely do their school work online. Also mentions that a school district in Pennsylvania had to delay online school by 40 days as they didn't have a sufficient amount of computers for students to use.

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