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Student Research Guide: Emotional Support Animals: Other Sources

by Maryann Lindor

Other Sources


Mammoser, Gigen (September 4, 2018). What do emotional support animals do exactly? For those in need, a lot, Retrieved on May 1, 2021, from

This article was written about how people can benefit from an emotional support animal. It compares emotional support animals and service animals. Emotional support animals have many rules when it comes to where they are and are not allowed in public. This article answers the questions: Are emotional support animals necessary? What do they do? Where are they allowed to be, and Which species qualify as an ESA (Emotional Support Animal)? I chose this article because it is from a website that I use when doing personal research so I was familiar with it. Also, the information in the article was a wide variety of information on the subject. This article had quotes from a psychologist who knows how emotional support animals have helped his patients. 

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