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Student Research Guide: Importance of Sleep: Home

by Jaylana Ladera | Spring 2021 | LIB 201

Introduction to the Topic

My focused thesis statement is: Sleep does in fact come with many benefits and is crucial to survival, by getting the right amount of sleep you could potentially see improvement within your mind and your body. Some of the research questions I had included; can sleeping too long become unhealthy? What are some factors that affect your sleep at night? What are the top 5 things someone will benefit from sleeping? Are sleep routines important? This research guide will provide the reader with sources related to sleep, the immune system, and cognitive functions. Sleep is crucial to everyone's survival. This becomes an important part of life from the newborn stage until becoming elderly. 


Keywords for searching the topic

  • Sleep
  • Immune System
  • Napping
  • Memory
  • Immune Function
  • Immune Hygiene
  • Cognitive Function
  • Sleep Recommendations

Best Databases/Search Engines

Credo Reference Database

This database was helpful throughout my research because it gave me the basic knowledge and understanding I needed relating to sleep and the human body's overall health. Most articles found on this database were straightforward and provided great detail on general ideas relating to sleep. 

PubMed Database

PubMed was a great database for my research because it really focused on the health side of it. When it came time to look for how exactly sleep related to health this database provided well-informed articles. 

Start Your Research Here

Ellis, J. (2007). Sleep and health. In S. Ayers, A. Baum, C. McManus, & et. al. (Eds.), Cambridge Handbook of Psychology, Health and Medicine (2nd ed.). Cambridge University Press. Credo Reference:

This article was good for my research because it talks about a lot of the basic information and background about sleep and how it can affect your health. It doesn't go too much into depth which I really liked and it included sufficient evidence to help build my research. This article also discusses the homeostatic drive for sleep and how it varies, and what can be done to ensure a stronger drive. 

Girbo, A. (2019). Night shift naps. American Journal of Critical Care.

This article talks about the different ways naps during late overnight shifts can improve the performance of the employees on duty. It also mentions that naps can avoid errors and mistakes in the work environment to ensure a smooth shift. Another thing this article mentions is when taking a nap, there is a certain amount of time slept that will leave you waking up more energized or leave you waking up feeling tired. 

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