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Student Research Guide: How to manage student debt: Other Sources

by Jasmin Kyle

Other Sources


Farmer, R. (2015). The Real Cost of College ... And How to Pay It. CollegeXpress Magazine, 6–9.  

This source states the average cost of an all-in year of college, it lists off some interesting scholarships and it explains the EFC. It also debunks a common myth, that if your parents make too much money, you are no longer eligible for aid. This source is useful because it talks about a few things that are not discussed in my other sources so far. 


Student Loans (2013). Gale encyclopedia of everyday law. (3rd. ed.) 

This article explains how federal student loans work, including how to apply for aid and how to pay it off. The four direct loan types are explained, along with the repayment plans. Federal loans are common because they are easier to get, the repayment plans are more flexible, and the interest rates are low. I have a few other sources that explain why federal loans are common so this source is a good match.

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