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Student Research Guide: How to manage student debt: Home

by Jasmin Kyle

High Cost of University


My focused thesis is "Are there ways to manage student debt?". A few questions I wanted to answer were, What scholarship are available and how to you get one? How does interest accrual effect monthly student loan payments? How do student loans work? I found many ways to lower the cost of college in order to make in more manageable for the average student. This is a trigger-free topic. 

Keywords for searching the topic


  • Degree cost
  • Financial aid
  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • College
  • Graduates
  • University 
  • Student loans
  • Wages
  • Bachelor degree 
  • Subsidized 
  • Unsubsidized 
  • America 
  • United States 



Why College Scholarships Should be A Top Priority

Best Databases/Search Engines


The SVC library databases I found have the most information on college costs are Academic Search Complete and ProQuest. 

Start Your Research Here


Bonner, P (2016). Proposed Rules Issued on Higher Education Credits and Deduction. Journal of Accountancy, 222(4), 1-2. 

In this journal, it is explained that the government is trying to broaden the requirements so students can receive more tax credits and deductions. There is even a tax credit for returning students. This topic is one of the ways to save money as a student. 


Kelchen, R., Goldrick-Rab, S., & Hosch, B. (2017). The Costs of College Attendance: Examining Variation and Consistency in Institutional Living Cost Allowances. Journal of Higher Education, 88(6), 947–971. 

They touch on the subject of military student aid. It also has a good explanation of how to estimate the cost of college. Being able to properly estimate the cost of a degree is crucial when deciding if the student debt will be manageable for you. 


Nichols, N. B., & Scott, I. J. (2021). The impact of filing status on student loan repayment plans. Tax Adviser, 120–129. 

This article discusses 4 government lead repayment plans for student loans. It seems like a really good opportunity to be able to pay your loan over 20-25 years with lesser payments than the typical 10 year plans but when you dig deeper into these plans, they are not as glamorous as advertised. This information will help in understanding the pros and cons of student loans. 


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