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Student Research Guide: Teen Phone Addiction: Advice to My Fellow-Students

by Caden Hein

Research Advice

Tips to a fellow student who may want to do research on this topic.

The very best source of information for this research topic in my opinion was PubMed. All the sources that I found on this database were greatly related to my topic, scholarly, and peer-reviewed. A great quantity of information that I used for my research topic came from PubMed, which all information was able to be synthesized. Another great source, not as good as PubMed, was Academic Search Complete. Many of my sources have been used from this database full of credible information on my topic. Using PubMed and Academic Search complete, I did not find any "danger zones" (false leads) or misinformation. In these databases, I used the peer-reviewed option which gave me complete confidence that the sources I read contained no misinformation. Luckily, I never came across any false leads mainly because I did only used reference sources to find basic information. When looking for reliable information, I only used scholarly, peer-reviewed articles which would usually lead me to other scholarly sources. During my research, I came across some authors that would write in multiple sources on this topic. Mark D. Griffiths was an author that came up in a couple of different sources. Another was Daria J. Kuss which was also in a few sources who seemed to work with Griffiths.

Reflection on my own research process.

My research process has been a great experience and what I have learned from it will stick with me for many years to come. I have learned that researching specific topics can turn out in many different ways than what you're expecting. For a few of my subtopics, I would believe one thing to be true but finding a few sources on it would reveal the opposite. I learned that research can be difficult work but once you start practicing, it becomes easier. When I was determined to find something related to the topic, if I practiced, I would eventually find it. I also learned that almost every topic imaginable is published online. Every part of this topic was covered substantially. One small piece of information in one source would lead to dozens of other sources dedicated on that piece. Basically, all my questions and theories regarding this topic were proven correctly. One reason I believe this happened was that I have done some research on this topic before so I already had basic theories and preconceived notions. All but one of the opinions I held before I started researching this topic were confirmed to be correct. I was surprised that this was the case because researching tends to change theories and opinions. However, one theory did change because I didn't know how connected substance abuse and excessive phone use were connected. I thought this wasn't a big issue before my research. I can see now that my original notion, believing that phones and drugs were unrelated, has changed because of my research. Lastly, what I have learned in this project and class will help me as I continue with classes each quarter. This class and project have helped me to become organized. Before, I was very unorganized but with the assignments during the class and this project, my organizational skills have improved substantially. This project has shown me that the best way to complete an essay is to make a list of the sources, write down why they are important, and how they add to what I'm researching. 

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