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Student Research Guide: Radioactive Waste: Advice to My Fellow-Students

by Ethan Clavette

Research Advice

When researching radioactive waste, I found that most of my good sources on google scholar databases. When using this database, I had encountered reach pitfalls. This reach pitfall was being too broad with my keywords. This resulted in sources that had nothing to do with my topic being shown to me. Some tricks I have discovered with using databases. Some databases give you similar keywords to use while looking up. I found these suggestions really helpful when I was stuck or not finding anything useful. Another trick I found while doing reaching was government site had good information to use. Also, they do surveys quite often. Another thing I found was blogs and videos were most of the time biased and based on personal opinions. 

After all of this research, I had done for this quarter. I found my process to be slow but precise. I had learned some new tricks to use in further projects and papers. Before this, I thought that radioactive waste management was untrustworthy, but after this quarter, I found it to be more trustworthy. I think the lessons I have learned from this will greatly me in further classes.  

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