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Student Research Guide: Radioactive Waste: Other Sources

by Ethan Clavette

Other Sources

World Nuclear Association. (2021, April). Radioactive Waste Management. Radioactive Waste Management | Nuclear Waste Disposal - World Nuclear Association.

This article was interesting but not academic. This article gave an overview of radioactive waste management in the USA. It detailed where the waste is produced and how much of it is made. It also talked about funding for storage and disposal facilities. 

HBO. (2017). Nuclear Waste: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Hbo). YouTube.

This video did not touch on my topic but it was very interesting. In this video, John Oliver talks about how there is a significant build-up of radioactive waste in the USA and how we have nowhere to safely store it. Also how we had this problem since 1930 but we keep delaying it. 

United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission . (2020, June). Radioactive Waste. U.S.NRC.

This article was interesting but not academic. It talks about the different agencies and organizations in the USA that help regulate and control radioactive waste. it also leads to more detailed articles talking about these agencies 

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