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Student Research Guide: Radioactive Waste: Home

by Ethan Clavette

Introduction to the Topic

My focused thesis was how radioactive waste management is safe despite the public opinion about it. With this thesis, my research scope covered the steps taken for radioactive waste management. It covers the classification system used for radioactive waste management. It also covers the storage and treatment for each category of radioactive waste. To radioactive waste enters the environment and how ionizing radiation affects cells.

For this topic, I wanted to answer some research questions: what are the steps to radioactive waste management? How are they ensuring the safe handling of radioactive waste? What are the actual effects of radioactive waste entering the environment? 

Keywords for searching the topic

​​​​​​​Some keywords I use during my reach were. 

  • radioactive waste 
  • radioactive waste management 
  • radioactive waste classification
  • ionizing radiation effects
  • liquid radioactive wastes


Best Databases/Search Engines

DIRECTIONS: Please use this format to list the best databases or search engines that you used. You should include at least 2 SVC databases (eg: Academic Search Complete, Credo Reference, Opposing Viewpoints, etc.) If you use OneSearch, please indicate which database it came from (check the "Get It" part of the OneSearch Record to find this:

Start Your Research Here

Wikimedia Foundation. (2021, May 20). Radioactive waste. Wikipedia. 

This article provided a good overview of many different aspects of radioactive waste. Like the nuclear fuel cycle, classifications that are used for radioactive waste. It also was very detailed about several treatments use throughout the industry. This article event touched on national management plans. This article helped me narrow my research ideas and gave me a good idea of how complicated my topic was. 

YouTube. (2011). Radioactive Waste Management -- Steven L. Krahn. YouTube. 

This video talked about the steps in managing radioactive waste, from classification to storage. In addition, it spoke of particular parts of the storage, like the forms used to isolate the radioactive waste or the containers themselves. It also detailed all the different storage methods used throughout the world for different classifications. This video was very detailed compared to the article above and was helpful with many aspects other sources did touch upon.  

ANDERSEN, P. K., GHASSEMI, A., & Ghassemi, M. (2004). Nuclear waste. In C. J. Cleveland, Encyclopedia of energy. Elsevier Science & Technology. Credo Reference:

This article details some radioactive materials found in the waste and touches on radioactive waste disposal. It shows several different diagrams of how the removal works. This article also gives an overview of how management in the united states and France. this article helped by showing me a closer look at management in different countries and a more precise understanding of the disposal method used. 


Image of radioactive waste storage methods.

this is some diagrams of an disposal method 

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