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Student Research Guide: Doping in Sports: Advice to My Fellow-Students

By Trevor Cassell

Research Advice

During my research process, I found that the information on doping in sports is a roller coaster of different information that is all talking about the same ideas. There are many bias articles out there in regards to the views on what stance sports need to take on this current issue. There are athletes out there who are currently hiding under drugs that are made to cover their tracks for using performance enhancing drugs while they are not competing and there are also athletes who are using performance enhancing drugs hiding in plane view hoping they do not get drug tested. No matter what research topic you have, there will always be misleading information. My biggest advice would be to find articles that give you a different perspective on your research question so you can create new ideas and have an open mind for research. This can help you avoid bias in your own research. 


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