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Student Research Guide: Doping in Sports: Other Sources

By Trevor Cassell

Other Sources

“The Steroids Era.” ESPN, ESPN Internet Ventures, 

This article written by ESPN is not a scholarly article but gives you a good idea of how the steroid era in baseball became a big part of why doping in sports is so popular all across the globe today. People saw what statistics players like Barry Bonds and many others put up while using steroids did for them and took the idea into their own hands. 

“DOPING: Sports Medicine Today.” DOPING | Sports Medicine Today, 

Sports Medicine Today gives a very good analysis of what the word doping means in sports due to the fact that some people read the word doping and think of athletes using street or party drugs that are illegal. Also gives a good analysis on the most commonly used PEDs by athletes and what the harm they can do to your body. 

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