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Student Research Guide: Doping in Sports: Home

By Trevor Cassell

Introduction to the Topic

When it comes to sports, if there is a lot of money involved, there will be drugs. Doping in professional sports has been around for many years and has brought the attention to many that athletes are not held at a high enough accountability for being caught using performance enhancing substances. Professional athletes are some of the highest paid and prized people in our society with a massive following from all ages. Even as professionals, they do not understand the amount of influence they have on the younger generation. Young athletes hear and see on the news that their favorite athlete were just caught using performance enhancing drugs and understand that what they have done is completely wrong for their sport quite frequently. Are the consequences for getting caught doping in sports not harsh enough? 


Keywords for searching the topic


- Doping in Sports 

- Barry Bonds 

- Lance Armstrong 

- Robinson Cano 

- Russian Olympic Athletes 

- PEDs

- Performance Enhancing Drugs

- Banned Substance List 

- Anti Doping 

- Drug Testing 

- MLB 




Best Databases/Search Engines

My Top Choices: Databases for Researching Doping in Sports 

Academic Search Complete

- This was by far the most helpful database in my research process. There a ton of articles out there on generic search engines on this topic that can give you plenty of knowledge about the topic but this particular database gave me the best scholarly articles I could find. 

Credo Reference Database 

- This gave me a few good articles on my topic in regards to certain cases of sports and athletes. 

National Institution of Health 

- The National Institution of Health is a great place to find recent articles due to their website being constantly updated all the time with new information about this topic. 

Start Your Research Here

The Most Helpful Reference Sources for my Research Topic 

Dandoy, Christopher, and Rani S Gereige. “Performance-Enhancing Drugs.” ​Pediatrics in Review​, American Academy of Pediatrics, June 2012,

PED usage in teens and children rising sharply over the past decade. This article gives a deep analysis of the statistics of studies that show teens under the age of 18 admit to using steroids or some sort of PEDs. This article was written and published by Christopher Dandoy and Rani S Gereige. The information they provide will work very well with my research due to the data collected through tests and studies showing the reasoning behind the motivation for teens to use PEDs at such a young age.


Kaplan, David A., and Karen Springen. “Are Two Chances Too Many?” ​Newsweek​, vol. 126, no. 8, Aug. 1995, p. 66. ​EBSCOhost​, e.

This article talks about how athletes are not held to a higher standard by their managers, owners, and peers when it comes to using PEDs. This gives me information to provide in my research to explain how athletes getting multiple chances after getting caught doping only gives other athletes more reason to be motivated to use drugs.


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