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Student Research Guide: Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention for Students with Disabilities: Advice to My Fellow-Students

By Haley Riffel

Research Advice

When searching for articles regarding Peer Mediation, I found that the most helpful keywords or phrases were "Peer Mediated Instruction and Intervention" and "school". I would suggest putting PMII as your first keyword followed by school in order to get the desired results. I would also suggest pairing intervention, school, and ASD together. I think that the best data sources that I found were the studies conducted by Dunn, M. E and Wu, Ya-ping. These two sources provided me valuable information and they were able to answer all the research questions in detail. I do have to admit however, that the article written by Sperry, Jennifer Neitzel, and Katie Engelhardt-Wells was the most helpful when it came to understanding the topic. Thankfully, I do not recall finding any pitfalls, misinformation, or false leads and it was not difficult to find authoritative information on my topic. There were no particular authors that I came across time and time again. 

When researching any topic, I highly suggest that you look at general sources first and build a list of keywords. I also consider using those keywords, Boolean operators, and other refiners to find information relevant to your topic. Refiners that will help you find more credible sources include limiting the articles to those written within the last ten years and checking the box for peer reviewed articles only. Limiting your results to full texts only is an especially helpful tool that will save you time.

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