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Student Research Guide: Human Trafficking: Advice to My Fellow-Students

By Annika Gelenaw, Fall 2020, LIB 201

Research Advice

When researching human trafficking it is really easy to find people who don't use accurate numbers, obviously. It was also hard for me to find trustworthy sources, for this reason, my biggest asset was making sure to read as many sources as I could, I listed a lot of sources who discuss this very issue when it comes to trafficking and some of these even give ways to decipher these numbers. The most trustworthy sources I found were studies and interviews, they also give the most information in some cases. It was really easy for me to get distracted by stories that may not have any credibility because this topic can catch a lot of attention because it is so widespread and feared. Another difficult thing for me was trying my hardest not to get upset when authors were disregarding numbers because of credibility because in my mind people should not be attacking the numbers but attacking the laws that are not letting us convict traffickers, but I was there to inform myself of the world of trafficking, not to criticize. This topic really made me realize how much you really have to deep-dive into topics like this because it is easy to cause "clickbait" but sometimes things that appear to be clickbait are actually real information so you have to pay close attention. 

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