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Student Research Guide: Human Trafficking: Other Sources

By Annika Gelenaw, Fall 2020, LIB 201

Other Sources

1. Deshpande, Neha A, and Nawal M Nour. “Sex trafficking of women and girls.” Reviews in obstetrics & gynecology vol. 6,1 (2013): e22-7.

- This article repeats some of the things discussed in my other sources but it gives a few diagrams and a different perspective, this was also an example of just sex trafficking being discussed and not human trafficking as a whole. I think the biggest point to take away from this article is the vulnerability of victims due to language barriers and little knowledge of laws in the area. 

2.  Miller, Elizabeth et al. “Migration, sexual exploitation, and women's health: a case report from a community health center.” Violence against women vol. 13,5 (2007): 486-97. doi:10.1177/1077801207301614

- This article basically goes over the same things as the previous one, but it is all really important information in these cases, and also very well organized. NOTE: Not available full text from SVC databases.

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