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Student Research Guide: Human Trafficking: Home

By Annika Gelenaw, Fall 2020, LIB 201

Introduction to the Topic


TW: Human Trafficking/abuse. My focused thesis: The lack of awareness of human trafficking is why it is so prevalent in our world today. Specific questions that I want to have answered are 1. Why do people mostly focus on women when informing the public of trafficking rates and stories etc? 2. How would border security and immigration laws affect trafficking rates? 3. What countries have the most significant trafficking numbers? As a woman, I pay more attention to trafficking numbers and stories, but everyone should be more aware of what is going on around them, it is not just one group of people who get trafficked. 

Keywords for searching the topic


  • Human Trafficking
  • Abuse
  • Women, Children
  • Exploitation
  • Sex trafficking

Best Databases/Search Engines

Start Your Research Here

These were my first articles I used to really deep dive into trafficking, a lot of them were used all the way through, very helpful. 

Weitzer, Ronald. "New Directions in Research on Human Trafficking." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science,  vol. 653, no. 1, 2014, pp. 6-24, Sage Journals, 

-This source was definitely a good starting point, he conducts an interview with a victim of trafficking but he does go into how human trafficking numbers are exaggerated in his opinion, it is good to see a different point of view from things we have always learned. I was going to base my paper on sex trafficking, until reading this. It made me realize that it is not just sex trafficking but human trafficking as a whole, for labor as well. 

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