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Student Research Guide: Black Lives Matter: Advice to My Fellow-Students

By Isabella Loy, Fall 2020, LIB 201

Research Advice

In my research on the topic of Black Lives Matter, I found that information was being posted and updated every single day, and I think it will remain that way for a long time. The movement is not one that is close to ending, and there are currently still protests every single day in December of 2020. There are a lot of opinions out there, so just be careful not to get caught up on things other than facts and direct quotes. Remember, the quotes from people (whether they be protesters or police) at the actual events, describing what is happening, are often the most reliable. Don't rely on only authors to get your information on this topic, go on YouTube or go on Instagram and find real videos of real people experiencing this discrimination. In the end, there will always be misleading information, but using resources like Academic Source Complete and Britannica Online is a good way to avoid fake news, and stick to the facts. I am interested in seeing how this movement develops in the years to come, and I hope that whoever is researching this topic in the future finds my writing and advice helpful. 

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