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Student Research Guide: Anxiety and Medicinal Cannabis: Advice to My Fellow-Students

By Kelsey McKinney, Fall 2020, LIB 201

Research Advice

I found that the best sources of information came from peer-reviewed journals. Databases that I found had most information on my topic were EBSCOhost and ProQuest. Some red flags I ran into when looking for journals and articles were one's that seemed very biased/opinionated, and offered a lot of personal incentive towards their own views, instead of remaining as unbiased and factual as possible. Some misinformation that I ran into was through the biased opinions of certain article authors and instead of listing potential disadvantages or providing multiple perspectives of one topic, they only provided their opinions and the evidence that supported them. I didn't see very many repeat authors in my resources/research, however I'm sure there are some within my topic that will expand on it further on in the future. This Research Guide has only shaped my writing process and research process more and made it better, and has provided me with more information on this topic as well. I found the overall topic I chose fascinating to learn about and may continue it on my own time as well. Finding so many sources about a topic that is still not as widely researched/studied did provide difficulty in the writing and researching processes, however it also made me determined to use more varied databases and expand my information input. 

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