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Business 101 / English 101: Search Terms

Resources for this learning community class.

What is a keyword?

 A keyword is a simple term, or word, that is used to explore what results a source can provide on a topic. 

 Different sources will provide different results using the same word. 

 If a keyword doesn't "unlock" the results you want, try another!

(image from the Noun Project)

SEARCH TIP: Using quotation marks


  • Use "quotation marks" around phrases to help the database search more accurately.
  • By using quotation marks you are asking to only search those words together and not separately.

For example:  "factory farms", "industrial waste", "young adults", "service animals", "social media"

Keywords and Search Terms

  • Using 1 or 2 keywords or search terms when you first start doing research will help you determine if you need to change them.
  • No matter where you look, you can try the same terms to see your results. If you don't find any results, it means you need to choose another set of terms or look somewhere else.
  • It helps to WRITE DOWN (or otherwise keep track of) the terms you try.

For this class, try some of the following terms (remember you can try combining them with the words AND, OR):


"Covid-19" or coronavirus

"career obstacles"


"career benefits" or benefits

"career path"

employment or unemployment

"low wages"

"burn out" or fatigue

"workplace aggression" or aggression

"changes" or "transformation" 

effects or "effects of" or "effects on"


mobility or "career mobility"

or try the name of your career interest like: Nursing, manufacturing, social work, etc. in combination with the words listed

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