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Antiracist Reading and Praxis Book Group Guide

For SVCs book group

The plan for meetings

Meet: We will meet every two weeks after having read two or three chapters.

Discuss: We will discuss anything in the chapters that is significant, interesting, or difficult to deal with. We can ask questions of one another or address discussion questions that will be developed for each meeting.

Prep: At each meeting, we'll discuss the proposed readings for the session. Sometimes we will provide a list of questions or talking points to consider beforehand, and sometimes we will just begin a discussion at the time of meeting.

How: If you want to be there for the conversation but prefer to listen rather than talk, that is just fine. If you’ve never been part of a reading group before, this is a great one to start with because we are a friendly group, excited to explore complicated ideas. Want to read and come to just one meeting to see if it works for you? Great - we’ll be excited to meet you!

Who can join?

This group is for anyone who works in the SVC district who is interested in learning more about antiracism and antiracist practices, who is interested in reading with a group, and/or interested in challenging but respectful discussions about race and equity with colleagues.

  • If you’ve never been in a reading group or a group like this before, that’s great!  We invite new ideas and approaches to the group.
  • If you have, that’s great too!  We welcome experience and important perspectives. 
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