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Antiracist Reading and Praxis Book Group Guide

For SVCs book group


This group is invested in reading books that offer a deeper exploration of racism, its structural roots, and its relationship to U.S. culture, politics, economics, and material conditions.

Members will take part in conversations about the books we read and discuss changes we could make in our daily lives, and in our programs and classes that would continue the work of antiracism on campus.

Our aim is to create an intentional, respectful space where we can come together to discuss these complicated topics. 

Please join us! 


Next meeting time:

Fall Quarter 21-22

Thursday 10/7/21


Zoom Link: contact or

Book Fall 2021


Feminism for the 99%: a Manifesto

by Cinzi Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, Nancy Fraser

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