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How to Print

by Libby Sullivan on 2022-01-04T13:36:00-08:00 | Comments



However, in order to print, you will need to:

  1. Pick up a keychain printer fob that you will associate to your student account.
  2. Set it up at one of the printers in the library
  3. Use it every time you print!

WHY? This fob allows you to send a print job from a computer on campus and pick it up on one of several printers on campus by tapping the fob on the print release station.

If you run out of print credit, see library or IT staff to have your print allotment increased.

Pick up a fob at the SVC Libraries today!

This is in preparation for when students will be charged to print, in the near future.  At that time, all students will get a $5.00 credit allowance per quarter associated with your student account. You will be able to add money to your print account as needed.

How much will printing cost?

  • Black and white printing; 0.10 per page and 0.15 for black and white double-sided (duplex) printing.
  • Color printing; 0.20 per page and double-sided color printing, 0.30 per page.

Find more information about the Pay for Print System here:

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