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Student Research Guide: Abortion Laws and Regulations: Home

by Gina Reyna

*Trigger Warning* The focus of my overall topic is identifying the most common laws and restrictions put on abortions. To do this I researched on the importance on educating young adults about abortion, recognizing the crimes violated against reproductive health clinics, and what the Supreme Court has planned for reproductive rights. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future laws of abortions and what their accessibly will be.

Keywords for searching the topic


  • Abortion rights
  • Regulations
  • Laws
  • Abortion restrictions
  • Community and how these laws affect them
  • Abortion rates
  • Reproductive justice
  • Pro-choice
  • Pro-life
  • Abortion protests
  • Policy 
  • The general public
  • Citizens
  • Legislation
  • Sexual education
  • Education on abortion
  • Abortion stigma

Best Databases/Search Engines

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Useful Reference Sources

Britannica, T. Editors of Encyclopaedia (2020, June 29). Roe v. Wade. Encyclopedia Britannica. Doi: Roe v. Wade | Summary, Origins, & Influence | Britannica

Annotation: This source gives background information on the Supreme Court case Roe V. Wade. This case keeps abortions legal in the United States. States can set their own abortion restrictions and pass laws to make it less accessible but they can not completely ban it because of this case. This source helped set the foundation of my research and allowed me to look deeper into case laws about abortion and reproductive rights. This source was also useful to me because it's easy to read and gives dates of when things were legalized. 

Abortion in the united states (n.d.). In Wikipedia. Retrieved June 10, 2021, from https: Abortion in the United States - Wikipedia

Annotation: This source tells its readers about abortion laws state by state. It covers the history of abortion and lets its readers know what the Supreme Court is planning to do with abortions in the future. This article is useful because it has a variety of percentages regarding abortion rates. It also gives the reader information on how judicial decisions are made. 

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