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Service Learning Guide: Home

This guide will provide information to help students learn about Service Learning objectives and projects.


This Research Guide is an introduction to sources about Service Learning

Here you will find:

  • article and film databases the library has and how to use them affectively
  • links to valuable web sites
  • Library  materials (books, DVDs, etc.)

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Why Service Learning and Communication Studies?

The discipline of communication is about the business of improving communication praxis (i.e., improving the quality of theory,the way it informs practice, and vice versa) at the individual and community levels.  It is a study of how and why we argue and reflect as we do in the construction of social reality.  Then what better way to allow our students to embrace the dialectics between communication theory and practice, and between the individual and the social, than through service-learning activities?  By linking individual learning and public service, by offering the opportunity to put principles into practice and glean principles from practice, service-learing is a perfect pedagogical partner to the study of communication praxis.


FROM:  Voices of  Strong Democracy :  Concepts and Models for Service-Learnign in Communication Studies (1999)

Students at Western Michigan University work on a Service Leraning Project

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