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Student Research Guide: US Government Response to Covid-19: Home

by Angel Vega, a Fall 2020 LIB 201 student

Introduction to the Topic

How has the response to COVID-19 differed between the United States compared to the state of Washington, this can be "measured" by the infection rate as well as the mortality rate? Furthermore, how have the steps taken by President Trump, such as social distancing affected the spread of COVID-19? Concurrently, how have the steps, such as mandatory face masks, taken by the governor of Washington Jay Inslee affected the spread of COVID-19?

Keywords for searching the topic

  • COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease 19
  • Response
  • US or "United States"
  • WA or "Washington State"

Best Databases/Search Engines

Start Your Research Here

CDC. “Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) - Transmission.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 17 Mar. 2020,

This page from the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention, CDC, elaborates upon how the Coronavirus Disease 19 spreads from subject to subject, primarily from person to person, and also touches upon the ways to help prevent the spread of the pandemic.

“CDC, Washington State Report First COVID-19 Death | CDC Online Newsroom | CDC.” Www.Cdc.Gov, 1 Mar. 2020,

This page from the CDC explains the catalyst for much of what lead to Govoner Jay Inslee to act in the State of Washington, executing proclamations to keep people indoors, closing unessential places, and keeping only the essential workers to keep the state from collapsing.

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