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Global Issues Guide: Home

A starting point for a wide range of global issues topics


Global issues covers a wide range of topics.  This research guide provides a starting point for many of those topics.  Librarians at Skagit Valley college welcome your inquiries and hope to make your research experience successful. 

Contact a librarian:

Mount Vernon Campus: Norwood Cole Library

      360.416.7847 or

Whidbey Island Campus

      360.675.5321 or

ASK A LIBRARIAN provides 24/7 reference.  Follow the directions at the SVC web page [ ]


Many of these topics are very broad and students can be overwhelmed by the amount of information available.  You can narrow your topic so that it is manageable.  For instance, instead of writing about all piracy, narrow your topic to the Somali pirates.  Then ask yourself what you want to know: 

What motivates the Somali pirates? 

How are they organized?

How and when did the Somali pirates get started? 

What is being done to stop the Somali pirates?

From these questions, you can develop a Research Question:  What are the factors leading to the establishment of modern Somali piracy and what is the international response?

Getting Started - Top Choices!


With Primo, you can search everything (including the Internet) or limit the search to the library catalog or databases.  Search the library catalog to find books & videos.  Some ebooks included in the library catalog but can be searched in Academic Search Premier. (Login using MySVC account) 


Library databases are provided by different companies and have unique features.  For that reason, we recommend that students search the databases individually for the best results.  Databases that are especially useful for these topics are listed below.

Academic Search Premier

Great source for scholarly journal and magazine articles.  Many articles full-text.  Print, email, or download.  Citations.


Use to find ful-text magazine, newspaper, and journal articles.  Print or email.  Citations.

Facts on File: Issues and Controversies

Use to explore current issues and events with in-depth articles made to inspire thought-provoking debates.

Use to fine both sides of an argument,  Print or email.  Citation.


Free on-line videos and clips for the social science and humanities

****Please note that the College is on remote operations during Spring 2020 due to concerns related to Covid -19. All courses are online and campus locations are closed. Find out about Library Services during this time.