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Teaching & Learning: Inclusive Pedagogy

SVC : Inclusive Pedagogy

Inclusive Pedagogy is one of several validating practices being adopted by the College to promote academic success for all students and to ensure that our campuses reflect the students and communities that we serve. Inclusive Pedagogy is intended to: 

  • Promote student success through inclusion;
  • Increase awareness of challenging realities students face within our classrooms;
  • Identify practices, attitudes, and curricula that are exclusionary to students from diverse social identities including race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, class, ability status, socio-economic status;
  • Increase understanding of personal and institutional values which might unintentionally obstruct student opportunities;
  • Encourage course curriculum and delivery to promote inclusion;
  • Create equitable student assessments;
  • Recognize, validate, and include student experience and knowledge

     Kenneth Lawson, Vice President, SVC


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