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Teaching & Learning: Learning Accommodations

Speech and Language Problems and Learning

College offers students challenges and opportunities, but those with learning or language disorders may have more stress and difficulties than peers.

Speech and language disorders contain a broad spectrum of learning difficulties.  These disorders can interfere with learning and effect students ability to learn and perform. 

SVC Disability Access Services has provides information, legal requirements, college services available, procedures, and frequently asked questions by faculty. 

Learning Disorders

Auditory Processing Disorder.  APD   Difficulty understanding sounds, may affect spoken language. 

Dyscalculia  Difficulty understanding, using, or processing math.

Dysgraphia   Difficulty expressing the written word, including handwriting

Dyslexia   Difficulty deciphering the written word

Language-Based Learning Disability   LBSD  An overview term for language disabilities, that prevents or disrupts effective learning

Expressive Language   Difficulty in using expressive language.  Conveying ideas, feelings, and emotions.

Receptive Language   Difficulty with understanding spoken language, such as learning in an lecture format.

Specific Language Impairment  SLI   Difficulty gaining language skills in children. No specific disorder, language delay.

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